Pressbooks … Publish Everywhere

Everyone has a story to tell. Some may tell their story in conversation. Some may embrace journalism with print or pictures. Some may reflect abstractly in poetry or stream their experience online in a blog or other digital platform. Communication and expression take on many different forms in this day and age. As for me, having lived across the boundaries of print and computers, decided to use the traditional platform, the book.

I often think of how authors before me have lived and written. Their outlets were newspapers, journals, small books and large books or picture shows for that matter. Times were slower then and more deliberate. Writing was time-consuming, not only from the obvious cerebral demands, still in play, but the tools were cumbersome. They used paper, hand and pen, typewriters, white out, more paper and not to mention all those trees! Trees that haplessly gave their life for us so that we could record our story evermore.

So this time, for this story, I decided to pursue the digital age and also when an interest is there, enlist a tree or two to give its life so that others may hold and feel the book, open it, and read by the light of our star.

Having attempted to navigate the traditional route of agent, editor and publisher, with little notice, spare a nod or two, I found the sweetest self-publishing platform to assist me. Pressbooks boldly declares, “Publish everywhere.” and allows this author to do just that. I’d highly recommend the platform for aspiring writers to get their words into print and tell a story or two. Everyone has a story to tell, don’t you?


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