Now That is Life

It was a good day …

This after all is what a day is for.

We are alive and with our health,
and some initiative, able to move forward …

Contribute in some way.

I woke and enjoyed the morning .. had coffee and an English muffin 🙂

And some of you know how much I love coffee and English muffins!

I worked a tree job on my own terms, did some electrical, prepared a garden …

I met a new person who gave me food. He saw me in need of some air in my wheelbarrow tire and brought out his pump for me. I did not ask him. This is a soul connection. We chatted and he showed me his gardens … and gave me food from them. This is life, this is joy, this is love, sharing what we have with another, for no reason but simply because we can.

Now that is life!

I returned to my home and was tired … but the sun was up.  I found energy to do some outside work in my own gardens. And this is the best part. After my weeding and cleaning a citrus garden, birds came and landed and the exposed critters provided them with what we Americans would call a thanksgiving feast. A bird’s thanksgiving, all because I cleared an area of some unwanted vegetation.

Now that is life!

And then trying to connect to family turned into sour milk. While trying to connect with those we are born to love dribbled into a low … a sorry for being myself … or trying to say what is on mind … trying to be me.

I am weary of conditional love … I certainly feel, I do not act this way, but if I ever do, I hope I would be called on it … and be able to change my behavior, learn to be better with others …

After all it was a good day …

And come sunset,
the birds chirp with their bellies full,
their family in the nest-

All goes dark and they do not know if tomorrow will come.

They go quiet and still and sleep-

Until and perhaps the morning arrives…

And they would wake and chirp and live and love…

And certainly think about that guy who cleared the weeds…

Who most likely will be having coffee and an English muffin.

Now that is life!

And one would hope all would be well-

And that is all.


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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