You Are My Compass

My days are long,  sometimes low,
sometimes sweet, and there are times
when I pause and tire on my feet.

I’ve traveled to distant lands.

I’ve seen and felt and loved and longed,
for times not seen, nor spent,
except perhaps, in my dream.

And then there are times, when I am one in need.
I do not ask, I rarely tell, I just proceed.
The best way I know, this way, that way,
finding a path where none’s to be.

And then, as I sit and ponder,
of what and how, I hear you speak.
I feel your gaze as you call to me,
giving of whatever I would need.

A kind word, a simple smile, eyes that bleed,
connect us deep in this life our sleeve.

And with hands of silk so gentle and yet so strong,
you spin to find where I belong.
You reach beyond your means.
You guide me to my dreams.

I’m so very grateful you were there,
when storm and rain whirled me down,
and left me alone and on the ground.

You alone, found me a home,
a place to rest,
some food and jest,
and best of all,
I recall …

You are my compass and are my best.

Though distance separates more often than not,
I hope you know you are … always in my heart.


One comment on “You Are My Compass”
  1. Mariana Mellone says:

    💖💖💖 Beautiful!!!! BELLISIMO!!!


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