Pat of Butter

This is the kind of stuff I deal with in the morning…

So I’m going to make coffee and I usually start the ole English Muffin cooking at the same time, but then I recall, they are all frozen. Dang!

So I pull em out of the freezer and all six of them are rock hard. I contemplate the how and what to do here … and opt to sit it on top of the toaster and turn the toaster on. Okay not so bright, but more heat means quicker defrost.

So I then go about coffee making which is going well, thank God!

I then recall my muffin on top of the toaster and nearly cause another situation, but I was quick like fox and save it. I then decide to slice it and it is only partially defrosted. Slicing a partially defrosted piece of bread is precarious at best, but I managed. The resulting nooks and crannies are more like pot holes, but they will do nicely.

Then I look for the butter. In the fridge and the fridge is working too well this morning and the butter is sort of frozen.


I slice off a large piece of this Kerrygold brand. Man it is sweet and I have found myself eating it without bread … another story and situation for another day.

So I take the butter which turns out to be a large rectangle and cut it in half and put it on the pot holed muffins. I then think. Is this a pat of butter? What is a pat of butter anyway? Is it proper culinary etiquette to pat my butter? So I head to the ole computer and look it up while the butter is melting and I have to say, rather nicely.

Google informs me of 37,000,000 links to help me narrow down my answer and I find out. A pat of butter is quite large (1 teaspoon and a half).  That’s more like a slab of butter in my kitchen. No matter … I’ll take the definition and then I read its melting point is 98.6 Dang! I could have just put the frozen butter in my mouth to melt it.

This is the kind of stuff I deal with in the morning.


This is the google link of the 37,000,000 that I liked the best:

and the butter

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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