Treystu Bara

She found way to create me,
beautiful and loving, happy and sad, determined-
I knew nothing of before nor had the mind to doubt-
I trusted her without hinder.

She imparted kindness morals and wisdom to me,
nourishment for body and mind.
My soul quiet and still,
unaware of nothing absolutely,
except of dark and light.

I trusted her-

I grew- she too, growing older than I-

She let me go-

The land appeared to me,
large and still, a ground before me-
I trusted its presence-
walked its plains and forests, mountains and valleys.

The waters appeared to me,
vast and wide, in constant motion before me-
I trusted its changes,
and that of myself,
as I ventured into its ebb and flow.

Each day anew with challenges more than a few.

I trusted you-

As the land changes, so do we and yet,
to trust oneself and thee, without hinder, just free,
is to reflect the love once given to you,
once given to me.

Treystu Bara





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