Sandy Lee Cotton

Our lives touched every so gently, briefly in moments of need. I had not known of her, except through the spoken words of friends. I learned of her name and where she lived, and discovered that I knew her life partner Eddie Flotte and his art. Eddie’s art is a living photo of the places in his life, her life and for those of us fortunate enough to be around them, the places of our lives.

He painted what he saw, and yet, what he painted was beyond the reach of his eyes … His work reflects the light all around us and those places that line our days. And now, as I gaze at his paintings, I understand why I always feel the presence of others, those that I do not see and the ever constant presence of someone looking on, off the canvas, that someone close to his brush in each and every one of them-


Sandy is there, his partner, his companion, his champion, his soulmate. She gave of herself to him and to others all around her, never asking for anything in return, never thinking twice about her own needs, but just to know she could help and she did. She made all that was around her, better, brighter and inviting. It was her way, and the music and rhythm of her life that connected us-

It is now in the separation from her that sends us to those places of reflection …

Causes pain and pause in all that we are and do and see …

And yet, the music of  her life will ultimately drive us to move forward and find hope in new days in the best ways that support our life and those lives around us.

It was her music that synchronized her and Eddie’s life. Through his art and their collaboration, they touched all of our lives, our minds and hearts to see what she saw, what they saw, each and every day they were together.

Her earthly life with us, is no more, and yet, she will be here always, in each work of art captured on Eddie’s canvas, in our memories and most of all, in our hearts.

May all of us find peace in our own way this day … to continue on-

She would want this for all of us.

Sandy Lee Cotton ~ March 11, 1952 – December 26, 2018

Eddie Flotte’s Art


One comment on “Sandy Lee Cotton”
  1. Eddie Flotte says:

    Hi, Thank you so very much for these beautiful thoughts which so perfectly describe Sandy’s heart and how she gave of it so freely. I don’t yet even know who is writing or how you know so well what you are describing. I imagine I will soon find out. I know my life would have soon spiraled into oblivion had Sandy not embraced me and kept me alive. I feel I am of the luckiest people alive to have been given her gift which is to be given the time to learn what love truly means. Thank you and thank you Sandy for all eternity. We are together always. Eddie

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