When in the Moments

When you loose a connection that you care for, there is great loss. One might be able to justify or table feelings that arise, if there were circumstances that were unavoidable.

We have all experienced such a loss and will continue to do so-

We live within the boundaries of a mortality.

But what if there are no circumstances that are unavoidable?  What if welcoming doors are open wide to those you love and yet, none arrive? And furthermore, what if you have reached out and met silence or disdain? How does this feel? Is it possible to table such empty feelings and how does one move forward from such behavior?

So many questions to swim through and fathom for whys and reasons left unsaid and untold. When in the moments of our lives, there is no room for such behavior.

When in fact all is over before we realize-

and in the blink of an eye … all is gone.

Does the sun need the moon? Does the earth need the ocean?

Does the day need the night? Does the heart need to love?

Perhaps not-


Perhaps not-


And yet-