Cooperation not Competition

How is it that most societies embraces war as a solution to conflict?

I do not wake up and want to conquer or harm other things, or do I?

How is that the conflict and disagreement became a competition?

We are all in this world together, wanting to live and learn and just be.

Why does the constant of war continue to breathe alongside all societies?

Life competes for its needs, when sharing leaves both less fortunate.

A penguin in search of a small hole in the ground, which will provide home and sanctuary for family, will steal from another when opportunity arises. A fight will ensue to stake claim on the resource until one retreats or dies.


A bird, who spies a loaf of bread on the ground will land and gather all it can, fending off competitors until it gets enough to satisfy its needs and the needs of its family.

Ants on the other hand will stumble on a drop of honey and collectively share it, bringing it back to the hive. They will; however, defend their home from other colonies.


Plants, stuck in one place will embrace the light for its needs. It will grow toward the light and not be the wiser if it shades another plant, unless the plant is of the same species, in which case,  cooperation for the resource, the light, will result.


War is the process of gaining some resource you do not have or to defend one you do. If not for war, life would depend on the sharing of others to survive.


Imagine if, in a football game, the players hiked the ball, passed and caught and ran for just the fun of it. Each side rooting for the other to get a touch down. Helping them along the way, running to tackle but not tackling. The score on each side, rising to the limit of time that was had to play, perhaps in the final moments, each team would huddle together, letting the clock run out, talking amongst themselves of the plays and the joys of just being there together.

At the end of the day, the game, or whatever activity you may be doing, it is ultimately the cooperation and sharing of the experience with others that make life enjoyable, worthwhile,  and the time we have well spent.




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