When You Love

I just realized …

When you love someone, you love them. In the simplest form of the word, that emotion is not something that will ebb and flow. It is a constant, like the love of a mother for her child.

In today’s world, love is often manufactured. You are attracted to another via a primal response, and sometimes,  you can survive to the point where love becomes the reason, becomes real.

Manufactured love does not alway last and in fact, it rarely does. There is always an expectation of this or that. The whole process is a biological business transaction layered on top of an ocean of pheromones. We are at the mercy of nature and life does find a way.

It is not until the human body wanes from that primal state, that real love takes hold of us and can be seen and felt for what it is. This is when true love finds way and never wanders.

When you love someone, you love them.

Always, Forever and a Day.

This is very good article on true love.  You will feel it when it happens, when it is true, but if you need some signs, you can find them by clicking on the link below.

True Love and the 11 Signs you have Found It

Featured image from the referenced article above.

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