Listening to Her

I have known many people during my stay. Within me lives a quiet, kind and gentle Soul. She does not speak outwardly that often, but She does, constantly, daily and every minute and second of my life, speak quietly to me. I love Her.

My body and mind have played the games of life, of work and of play. I have married and fathered children and have lived several lives within the boundaries of this physical world.

In all these years, She was always there, watching and feeling as my mind has allowed Her to govern my actions, my path and my physical and emotional connections.

Of the many people I have encountered in my life, there are times when my eyes see their Souls and my mind takes note of this, my body serving the desires of the connection, for Her alone.

It is within these connections I find the most joy, the pure feeling of love for another. I realize that within us all, resides a quiet, kind and gentle Soul. She may not speak outwardly that often, but when She does, I am so very grateful for the experience and connection.

Life is but a vessel for us to be, but most important of all, for Her to see through our eyes, for Her to feel with our touch, and for Her to Love with our heart, all life, forever and always.