Sad Today

My day started out okay.  I had a plan for work and several things came together. I also had some chores at home, some projects I had started and had committed too. It rained during the day, but I chose to work in the rain, but not in the torrential down pours, just when it let up enough to make some progress.

I finished what I set out to do, and then started to learn something new, something I needed to learn for a job. It was all good and I learned what I needed.

And now … I’m sad. Sad is a funny place … I know how I got there and just entered the door. I thought to avoid the steps, but I did … I walked right into my past where my losses are the greatest. I am a positive soul, and I know I sustain the plus state by doing what I enjoy and avoiding the losses all together. Perhaps not the best approach to the problem, but it is how I deal. I am human, or at least when I bleed, I think I am.

I contemplate, the next day, the rest of the night. What to make for dinner, how to handle the sunset and to find a place of joy or entertainment … to allow sleep to come knowing I will rejuvenate, come morning.

It’s all I can do for now. The joyful moments are fleeting and yet, I know life is made of them in most ways. That life is joyful when all are able to do what they need and what matters most … and … to love .. and be loved.

I am sad today, this moment, but there is a tomorrow, and the sad will- fade away.


One comment on “Sad Today”
  1. Mariana Mellone says:

    Sometimes I feel exactly the same way…. like a girl… sitting on her suitcase at the train station…. in the middle of the rain… waiting for her train to come and take her away…💖💔💔💖


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