Our Connections

I miss him ❤

I’m reminded of something so close to my heart, I felt it in my eyes.

Connections …

We are alive, mobile and free to do as we are drawn.

Our solo existences, constantly having views of collaborations.

Whether an acquaintance, a casual friendship, or something more-

A stranger opening a door for another or when someone smiles your way.

Birds walking side by side, gathering food, the other watching out as one takes its eyes off of potential dangers to find sustenance for survival.

A couple walking hand in hand, holding on to what they feel is love.

Or when you find that special connection, bare your souls and clothing and dive into each other’s flesh in an effort to fully unite that which each of us long for … making love in our physical forms, when what we are truly longing for is to be one with the other.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 06.54.30

From birth, there is something that simmers within us.

There is that secret place, a place we barely know how to find in our lifetime.

This film dives into those journeys of several lives, on board a ship, all captive in their moments of travel, of hope, to find riches and a better place … to find a home.

I miss Bill Paxton. I never met him, but did meet a man who spoke like he did, and was open and generous in his life with me, in the business we shared. That first scene, the opening of the story as told by Rose, speaks of this secret place we all hope to find, the place James Cameron so perfectly portrayed for all of us to see and experience.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have seared this longing I speak of in my mind and heart. They found each other, even if only for those few days. They shared life, angsts, wants and needs, and ultimately love and in the middle of an ocean, fully united as one.

They shared final moments together, one of whom made the ultimate sacrifice for the other. There would be no forgetting what they shared, Rose holding onto the love they had in the necklace Bill Paxton searched for. A treasure hidden in the locket, like our search for love, never to be found, as Rose buries it into the sea.


The photos here are from James Cameron’s film Titanic. It is one of my favorite movies, a love story set at sea, both genre and setting, true loves of mine.

I felt the movie was actually two movies in one. The first half, the glorious beauty of the adventure, the open sea aboard the luxury liner, the relationships and the birth of their love.

The second part, the tragedy and loss, and the courage of those who stepped up to do what they could, with what they had. The band playing till the end. If only our bands did the same for all of us. There is always Hope and I am grateful for Her.

I felt Jack and Rose lived more in those few days than most live in a life time. Nothing else matters when true soulmates meet-

Nothing but … Our Connections.

May you find yours and hold on to them-

Forever and a Day”

Hold Me … Soulmates

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