As parents, guardians and educators of our children, we have a responsibility to instill knowledge, behaviors and values into their young minds, so that they may step into this world with confidence; be able to pursue their interests, and have the courage and wherewithal to survive and succeed.

The effort to raise children goes above and beyond anything that would seem difficult in our solo pursuits.  The constant attention, monitoring, guiding and all the resources that go along with rearing continue for many years, not to mention the love of them, for reasons beyond your heart and mind.

They do grow up; however and leave the nest, or in some cases you may want to kick them out yourself, if only for their own good.  At least that is the reason you tell yourself when you have become spent in the process, and have picked up their socks for the umpteen time.

However and above all that transpires over the years of effort, the true success for us is to learn that our children no longer need us, no longer depend on us, and are able to find a successful journey of their own, and they are happy.

Life goes on, and they are loved.


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