Our Writings

There are so many of us here within the words and emotions we all share with ourselves and with each other. The photographs we share, the way we position our sentences, to open each other’s minds to those things we think of, observe and live .. The sharing of our lives.

There have been so many times where one of your posts have spoken to me, touched me in ways only I know within myself. Your words have brought me to that place of peace or clarity, or to the point of taking action toward a cause, or to simply feel … to feel an emotion that had been hidden because of the day in and day out of life and responsibilities.

I wish I could take in all of your posts and get to know each of you more, to sit with you and have coffee or tea, or to simply walk in a field or along the beach, the sun looking on, keeping us warm till the night separates us again.

Perhaps there will be a time when we are all together in one place, where all of what we want to express becomes known, and we feel and know all things that we desire to share with one another.

Until such a time, we are here together; in this electronic place of disks and keyboards, screens and mobiles, cameras and networks; connecting and sharing over great distances and time, as each of us make our own way on this planet we call home.




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  1. velvetscreams says:

    Great writeup

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