Enough is Enough

by In All Our Years

Independence day was the result of an oppression of one over another.

All people, our species, all species have the right to be one with the earth,
and one with each other, to live, be and experience this life without hinder or harm.

In our quest for harmony in this world, one makes concessions and compromises to ¬†foster a collaboration that respects individuals’ desire in what they are interested in, curious about, what they pursue in their quest for knowledge, a life, a family, to find joy and happiness and to be enthralled in all there is to behold, to experience and to love.

Independence day was the tipping point for the immigrants that made the voyage across the ocean in hope of a better life, of opportunity and to be free from oppression and the control of others.

When you read the United States Declaration of Independence, the very essence of the document simply declares “Enough is Enough” and we did something about it.

We all may be called Americans in this regard, grouping ourselves as an entity, but we are actually a nation of all peoples from all walks of life and the world. Independence day was the turning point for us to realize this and for us to tell the world that all are created equal and deserve the right to happiness.

As with one nation to another, each individual also deserves this independence and when such an oppression occurs one to one, there is also a time to say enough is enough.

May each of you find your independence this day and respect all others who desire the same.