Oh, the Joy of Words

With the arrival of language, began our ability to express desire. We no longer needed to point or pound, grunt or shuffle, push or pull. We breathed in and breathed out, manipulating vocal cords and the opening of our mouth and tongue, all of which became our voice to the world.

With the arrival of writ, our spoken words became more permanent. They no longer disappeared into space, when others were no longer around to record them. One could read them, again and again, and in the many years that would follow, beyond the life of those who spoke them.

Oh, the joy of words in flyers and papers, periodicals and magazines, books and more books, manuals and the dictionary that continued to grow, as new words arrived and brought meaning to our lives.

With the printed word; however, one would need to hold the material. Light would be needed to reflect off the pages, so that the words which absorbed the light could reflect back those spectrums that did not serve the color of the text.

And now, with the computer and the Internet and an almost unending collection of both old and new pages, pile into the cloud, for us to find and read … like these words, here.

There is so much language now, spoken and written and our minds will never have time for it all. If only we could absorb all of the words and expressions, others offer us, minute by minute, day by day, year by year, but we can not.

But we can try and for now I will leave you with this …

“Remember that opening your eyes is a victory.”

I love that sentence, written by Maureen Chinwendu Onyeziri. I do not know her and will never be in the same space to hear her voice, but her words have touched me, allowed joy to bubble and float and be free, for me this day.

Oh yes indeed, the joy of words.

Inspired by this post from Simple Dimple

Survival is a Process


One comment on “Oh, the Joy of Words”
  1. simpledimple says:

    It’s interesting how we get inspired by words.

    Maureen is a Facebook friend and a great wordsmith, whose writings touch the core of me. Now, I see why I had the pull to share her post on my blog. Glad it inspired you and thanks so much for the kind mention. I’ve enjoyed reading your great piece too.

    Blessings. 🙂


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