Compass Rose

We arrive in this world alone, an individual apart from the rest.

As we are cared for in the many different circumstances of today. We grow, we learn and explore all that is around us. Many of us seek beyond that which we cannot see or touch. We look within at the mystery of life and ask why and what if and how so. It’s these inner dialogs that mean so much to us as we try and fathom answers and reasons for existence, as we try to foster happiness within and to help those around us, as we try and bring joy into the world…

… when at times the world seems unconcerned.

I have found, however that there is good in the world and a very, very lot of it. A plethora in fact, all around us each and every day. Each one of us desires good and happiness and when given a voice and listening ear and a place to be, safe and sound, to express and be free, we flourish and root and are able to bloom.

The flower that is within us opens and proclaims that we are not alone but part of the rest. And that when we are fortunate to have another flower’s gaze, for a moment or a day, or in the rare, a lifetime- we are infinitely blessed.

Their are so many flowers to behold, each wanting of the Sun, a light rain, a soft breeze and a place to root. A place to call home. It is on this day, I am reminded of the compass rose and how in the times I have needed direction or kind words or just a smile, I am not, after all, alone, or an individual a part from the rest.

I am, we are, in fact, part of the Garden of Life …

… and I am very grateful for the flowers in mine.