Mystery of Light

I dreamt during the long and plentiful night. People, places … sights and sounds … And as the sun rounded for Her return, the rain came, heavy … full of life and song. The humidity no longer struggled for the sky, but joined in and embraced the waiting plants and creatures below … No longer tickled by the moisture of the day before, but drenched completely, fully and with so much hope that even the birds paused their early morning tune, walked into the clear, raised their little heads, mouths open and drank the water from above.

As I woke, parched from the shelter of the structure that separated me from the early morning parade, raised my head, mouth open and drank the water from above. Mynas gazed my way and smiled as they plucked nourishment from the earth and started to sing.

Another day would arrive, as each of us would seek joy in the moments to follow. Would She find Her view of the land below or would the fluff of moisture hinder her know?

The mystery is in the unknowing, and ultimately in the eyes that seek and gaze and look and find and smile when other eyes find them, love them and care for the sights and sounds of the day, of the night, of our earth and our light.