Waiting Tree

All that is needed is above and below

and if by chance one stops to visit,

climbs her waiting trunk

and rests on her open limbs,

she will tell of the day she treasured the most.

I listened and waited for her voice to sound,

softly amidst the soft wind that caressed us both,

gently and affectionately.

She spoke …

I love that you took the time to visit,

to pause and pull yourself up onto my limbs,

trusting me to be strong and hold you close.

I love that you said hello and asked how I was feeling.

I often wait for you,

and while my days are most always filled,

with sun and joy,

I treasure most …

The times we are still,

as you allow me to hold you,

and you listen to my words-

 Of stories of birds and rain,

wind and sun,

and stars and moon ,

that fill my days and my distant nights.

As I listened,

with the breadth of our bodies fully connected,

I reached up and and pulled myself to Her top,

Each rise, becoming less stable as I entered the youth

of new growth.

She waited…

And as I spoke of this time with Her

and how much it also meant to me, she listened too.

And then …

After a while of listening to each other,

a bird landed in the tree on the highest point,

of the highest branch and looked at me,

squarely with puzzled eyes.

I did not have wings or feathers.

And yet, I was there, smiling and listening to the tree.

The wind picked up as the little bird’s feet,

held tight to the branch, swaying back and forth.

I too felt the motion, as the tree smiled at us both,

Her branches ample and flowing, Her trunk, firmly planted

into the earth, sound and secure, the toes of Her roots,

twitching as She sipped from the soil, and soaked up the sky,

all that she desired,

on this day, she treasured the most.