Just Live It

Time has not changed.
Seconds, minutes, hours, all the same.

As a child, time was not on my mind.
I do not recall if I thought of the imminent arrival of night.
I just played the day as if there would be forever light.

Time has not changed.
It is our awareness of the next,
the must do, the need of others,
of you … when what matters most,
is to consume the light.

To prepare that which will nourish our bodies.
We are not plants. We cannot do what they do.
We must forage and take life so we can be you.

We are not prepared for this biological  place,
but we are here and want to live and be,
and love and make children, but not by choice.
It just happens.

Time has not changed.
Life is slow and deliberate.
Finding that rhythm returns us to that time,
of light and playing in the day,
learning, seeing, loving, being.

They say time flies.
It does not actually.


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