I am reminded of the word abundance today.  Abundance is the presence of a very large quantity of some thing. This thing could be a lot of money, or access to steel for building a skyscraper; Or flour and food to make a pizza (a large one that is) or maybe fifteen pizzas, all loaded with all sorts of vegetables, olives and onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, or one that is “loaded”, abundant in all those ingredients that delight us, fill us and provide nourishment to us. Although some may say pizza is not so nutritious, we ignore this in the moment of the craving and delight in the pleasure of it. 🙂

Abundance could be something less as well. Perhaps you discover your carton of a dozen eggs contains two instead of one; Or perhaps you were able to do something, pull a weed, water a flower, make a cup of coffee, or be able to walk and climb, kneel down on the earth and look at a small creature searching for food or a bit of morning sunlight. Your heart continues to beat and the air is plentiful and you are finding joy in the moment, the hours, the day.

Abundance is all around us and yet, we sometimes never have enough of something, or someone, or time even to engage in those things that please us, pleasure our days and nights, quench our thirst and fill our bellies, so that we can think and be and live and love and do those things we do.

I engage myself in an activity that depletes the resources within me. It requires energy and movements, slight and grand, simple and broad and there are times when I need to stop, and just drink water to keep going. Just having water is an abundance for me. I lift a two gallon jug to the sky and the water is released into my open mouth, in, in, in, until I can hold no more and as I swallow and then breathe the abundance of air that envelops me. My body enjoying the abundance of life … giving to it what it needs to move and enjoy the motion of it all.

Abundance is not only the large quantity of something, but the presence of something we need in that moment.  No matter how small or simple it is, when in need, that one small something that alleviates the want, is our abundance.

And what if there is no more to alleviate the want or desire? What then? How are we able to continue to move and enjoy the motion of it all, knowing clearly that we are not without need and that our bodies, perhaps mortal after all.

I say enjoy your time in whatever it would bring or not bring and that all of it, each day, each night, each rest, are all gifts and your abundance-

And while I may hope for a dream of wonder and for the abundance of a new light and a new day to come, I realize the finality of all things, but I am hopeful … and like the small Penguin … hop-full … life awaits those you play.