Our Souls

Our Souls …

I don’t have all the answers … only what comes through me in the moments.

This selection of pianist Yiruma finds such pathways within me.

The above video link could be broken. If you want to hear the song that I am referring too, search for “best of yiruma river flows in you”.

Have you ever noticed the simple logistics of life?

We wake, having been paralyzed all night while our brain tidies up the remains of the previous day. Storing what is useful for a later date and sending out to pasture, those details that are not so important to us. Our body is repaired from enviromental stresses we encountered and as we wake, prepares us for the day ahead.

We rise, stretch, purge, find something to moisten our lips and mouth and to wake up our bellies, our second brain as some scientists define. These are the logistics of being. We are aware of our surroundings and have the means to fuel our systems for movement, exploration, curioustiy and living.

What is our soul doing in those early moments of day?

As far as we know, it does not have a physical signature. It does eat; however, considering there is what they call soul food, chicken soup for the soul. Hmmmm.  A hint of something physical, an inner place where the soul resides … our belly.

Then our morning breakfast, feeds us, soothes, wakes us fully. We become satisfied and happy. The smell of coffee and food brings us joy, tickles our mind into action.

After the logistics of waking, our soul perhaps, wiping butter from its tender lips, looks up and nudges the mind.

“Hey Buddy, good morning. What do you think of this situation? Can you believe that? Is that color like the most beautiful hue of blue you have ever seen? Don’t you just love the morning sun?

The mind thinks, processes the fresh energy that is now arriving at the stations. The lungs are in full operation. The heart beating perfectly. The muscle system engages and the hulking mass of our carbon based life form, moves into the day.

And then the phone rings. We answer-

A loving voice on the other end speaks-

“Good morning, I just wanted you to know, you’ve been in my thoughts. I love that you are here and with me in this life journey. I know we do not see each other that often, but when we do, there is no place I would rather be, than by your side.”

And then a pause in the moment occurs …

Our soul opens its eyes, smiles, rises and through some process we clearly have no clue over, reaches across the distance, the phone network and embraces the loved one who took the time to just be and say what was on their mind.

It is then, in those fleeting moments, our souls embrace.

“Yes! I do love the morning sun!”


One comment on “Our Souls”
  1. sweetly played, and your words are so touching


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