I Found God

I was raised in a religious home and attended Sunday services. I was taught to pray and believe and the thoughts and practices served me as a child and into manhood.

As I lived and learned, I observed things that were not right,
that did not add up, were not good or kind or true.

I drifted from a religious home in search of meaning
and something more that would tell of how and why
we were and to question- Who was God, after all?

And then I thought-

Our consciousness detaches us from nature.

Nature does not have a conscious.

Nature is a response to sunlight.

Nature is the organism that collects sunlight
and maintains earthly things.

Life that is mobile provides for the propagation
of plants beyond their own accord.

Life that is mobile attempts to have sway
over plants and nature beyond her natural desires.

And then I connected the disconnection-

The existence of a God suggests to our conscious
a reason for being and we see that nature
in her glory is the statement of proof-

Our caring for something is a reflection of God.

And yet-

Hate, anger and violence prevails,
lives amongst us and her and this would appear to be
the absence of consciousness
or the reflection of how one is treated.

And then I learn-

Science would proclaim that our brain
is a chemical factory and nothing really matters.

And then I see-

Religion as we have created it,
and how my parents fostered its growth within me,
and our attempt as a species to explain-
control and proclaim-
that which is good or kind and true.

And if we sway from God, and sin,
we are not deserving of her and all
she gives us- Our life is not worthy
unless we comply.

But this is not the way of nature at all-

Nature is harmonious unto herself,
and with all that is around her,
each life, each plant,
all vying for light and to care
for oneself and her children.

And then I realize … within me-

Our desire to care for something
is the direct correlation to the deity within us.

It is not that God doesn’t exist,
but that which is God is within us,
the extension of nature or
more specifically,
that we are nature herself.

And then-

I Found God

“After I title a work, I like to search the Internet to see if and how my title relates to other works. Odds are the title has been used before and multiple times. The last line of my post was to reflect the whole point of my pontification and when I found a song with the same title, I was mesmerized by the connectedness of my words and the powerful visuals of the song and video by Mainland” ❤


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