I woke this morning after the long night of darkness,

a darkness interrupted … ever so slightly by distant lights,

or reflections of things not seen.

I understood in those first few moments of consciousness,

the meaning of life and the new day, soon to arrive.

To be safe and love … to be loved.

To breathe sunny days-

To fill the body with the light, and to fully enjoy this life we all have,

without fear or compromise.

To support each other in the same …


This music and the feeling, it runs through me, is the precipice of this understanding.

This is one of my most favorite stories. There within it lies the innate desire to survive and to find the life I speak of.

In the end, if we are fortunate enough to have lived our life in this way, with the ones we love, there is no end after all, but always new days to come.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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