I am not competitive. I never had to prove myself to anyone. I accepted myself as I was able. I thank my role models for this realization. Do your best is the best you can do. I’ve been accused of walking on water, but we all do when the challenge arises. Our gifts that are, our own, come forward in time of need, and we succeed.

And then I stumble on this video where all competitors are head strong and rock solid to do what ever they can to win. With gravity at their heals and the unpredictability of the trail, they all push forward to the finish line.

The commentators are very serious and professional in their pursuit to report on the race and encourage the pack … of marbles 🙂

The whole event and the series of videos that the authors have assembled is very entertaining, and reminds me of the challenges we all face every day in our lives.

We are all in this race together and while the path can sometimes trip us up, our success is the journey as we find joy in life, along side each other everyday.

The Race

See you at the races.


One comment on “Competition”
  1. dewofmay says:

    whao! this is a gem of a post with that video. I loved it.. am going to reblog it.


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