Sand and Sea

As I walked the beach, the Sand and Sea told me a story …

I stopped and listened … I noticed the shore line- The Sand was inseparable from the Sea. I also noticed that as far as my eyes could see, the Sea seemed distant and alone. Perhaps wanting a moment to ponder and reflect.

I thought for a moment about my time alone and away from a home. In such times, your mind and heart fathom the depths of wants and desires, of times past and times to come, low tides and high tides, storms and sunny days. The Sea certainly seemed distant and alone.

I then reached toward the glorious sky above me and dove forward into the blue, a cool rush sweeping over me, then deep down under and away from the Sands of the shore. Propelling forward effortlessly, I breathed in all that was around me, finally opening my eyes to see…

She was there below, waiting, holding, slowly pulsating, content and forever there as far as my eyes could see. The Sand seemed distant and alone. Perhaps wanting a moment to ponder and reflect.

However, as I breathed out and lowered myself onto the Sea floor, sitting for a while, I realized this was not entirely true.

The Sand was not distant and alone, nor was the Sea.

There below me and as far as my eyes could see, the Sea blanketed and cared for the Sand. The Sand endlessly providing a place and a home for each to ebb and flow through the lows and highs, storms and sunny days, caressing each other-

As I sifted my hands through the Sand, I saw the Sea tenderly caress Her- a few grains at a time.

As my earthly air nearly spent now, I watched a moment more as the Sand floated back to the floor, the Sea gently resting above and below and through.

I exhaled my last breath, stood and pushed toward the surface, toward the glorious sky above.

The air, blue and white and clean, the wind inviting-

I rose and walked back to the shore.

The Sea dripped from me.

The Sun warmed me and the Sand hugged me and said …

Now you know-

An intimate connection dives deeper than physical needs of one another. When partners achieve the “true intimate” the physical connection can ebb and flow without hinder. As the Sea caresses the Sand… The Sand flows within and through the Sea.

We need to unconditionally love ourselves first so that we are content within- Once there … Intimacy with another is only possible when we unconditionally love the other more than we love ourselves. It is within this ultimate giving that the relationship bonds completely into One.