Our mind is an organic mass of mush, powered by electricity. At the core of this mush, are about 80 billion neurons, or described in another way, 80 billion very tiny batteries, as described in this great little article on the subject.

Knowing Neurons

I’ve always been fascinated by our brain, the most advanced computer in our world. It always amazes me, that something so organic actual works and does what it does, seeing, speaking, hearing, moving … I’ve been in the computer field since I was a child and it takes so much processing to do only a fraction of what our brain can do.

I remember the first calculator that came out in the seventies. It could add, subtract, multiply and divide and could tell you the percentage of a value to boot! The calculator cost about $300 and was the size of an 800 page paperback book.

The brain actually runs on electricity and an assortment of chemicals and you can read all about them using the link below which is simply a google search of the words shown.

Brain Chemicals and Neurons

This link has a bit more detail on the subject if your noggin is up for it.

Chemical Processes

I hope all are enjoying their day and happy posting to all of you too.

As a small side note, I noticed a follower of mine is from Croatia, but I’ve not made the connection with your posts. My noggin has fallen asleep on that bit of processing. If you wouldn’t mind, please drop me a note some time as I have an interest in visiting your country some day. Thank you.

Photo credit from Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

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