Cell Phone in Your Pocket

Many people cary their cell phone in their back pocket. While this limits your mobility and puts the phone at risk to damage if you were to sit down without removing it, the unseen dangers are far worse.

There are many conflicting articles about cell phone radiation and its harm to our bodies, but some people, including myself can feel the signal when the phone is in our hand or close to our body. Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles which cause ionization. Ionization is the process of converting material by removing one or more electrons.

All of this science speak aside, imagine your body tissue being distorted at a microscopic level, where your cells are bent and damaged as they try to do their job of keeping you alive. This morphing cannot be good at any level and there are many people who have suffered from cell phone radiation damage.

ntp fact sheet spectrum

This damage does not occur right away, but takes years.  Science suggests 20-30 years before the effects are know. With mainstream use of cell phones only having started in 1995, this puts those who use them at risk within this decade.

ntp fact sheet partial results 11-28-2017

The phone is constantly transmitting  and receiving radio frequency signals to cell towers and when the device is close to the body, the surrounding tissue gets flooded with this very abnormal frequency, not found in nature or in our bodies.

You may have heard a buzz when standing near high voltage power lines, or be hesitant to stand next to your microwave when it is running. These were audio indications of the invisible waves. We are unable to see or hear the threat of cell phones, but some of us do feel it.

There is much to learn about the risks and your internet searches will be inconclusive. You may know someone who suffered damage from the cell phones and this is clear proof of the potential. Ultimately you will need to be the judge of what is safe.

As much as we love to be connected with others not in our shared space, be aware of the potential harm this Star Trek like communication poses to your body. The following is just one link on this subject, do your research and take care of yourself.

Don’t Carry Your Cell Phone in your Pocket

The following link is to some products that claim to minimize the risk.  Do your research on these to know if they could help.

Some Products that May Help

When you purchase a cell phone, there is a document that comes in the box.  The font of the text is difficult to read and many people just discard it. I use an Apple iPhone and found the following link.

Apple RF Exposure

All cell phones are a potential risk and a general guideline is to keep the device at least 10mm away from your body.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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