Wanting to be Loved

We are all wanting to be loved, held, and unconditionally supported in whatever way we desire to live our life. I believe this is core to feeling joy and happiness.

No one wants to be mistreated or subject to hardships that cause pain or discomfort. I believe this to be true. I have not observed one wanting pain, but some will send up flares when looking for love and kindness.

Wild birds appear to love food from a feeder; however, there are birds in captivity and while they are fed and their basic needs taken care of, I do believe, freedom would be a most welcome change.

While each of us want to be loved, freedom of choice is paramount. We are an independent species, in this world of dependency on one another and on the limited resources that we have.

When you love something or someone, you open yourself to the same. You expose your ability and strength to give another that which is longing and bare your vulnerability for wanting to be loved as well.




One comment on “Wanting to be Loved”
  1. Wise, elegant… an inspiring devotional to begin the blessed new week. – tsk


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