your Objective

by In All Our Years

I have met many people from around the world, through their words alone. I have not always met them, but it is a joy when I do, to connect in the same space and breathe the same air.

I recently met someone through a close friend and his mind is sharp, keen and invigorating. He posted a question on social media. It was simple and basic and at first glance, not so telling, but the responses allowed for deeper insight into reasons we exist, the whys of our plights and the needs we have for ourselves and others.

I sat on the question for a week and finally after a hard week of my own toils for the need of food and shelter, found an answer to it … for myself.

His question:

“So what’s your objective, when do you want to complete it, and what percentage do you currently see it being completed at that time?”

My answer:

When I first read this post, my mind immediately dropped into a thought process of time when managers asked the same question. There is a resistance to the prediction and answer because one is trying to govern and control an outcome. There is, of course, a need to be predictable and to plan. An Apollo Moon Mission leaves the earth with only a limited supply of oxygen, so you do need to know the exact answers to your question, or to at least have some reasonable margins.

Even with all the planning in the world, Apollo 13 was a very close call, there was the unexpected. We try to plan for this, but sometimes we just don’t make it … the Titanic for example … and yet both of these events did find success to all and some ❤

I have not answered your question yet Joshua Harris … You ask for an objective and a timeline. … As with the oxygen issue, we too have a limited supply each and every day, we can step through our days and plan at least in the moment and project the future based on these moments.

And I have executed plans and set timelines and met them time and time again, but what I find is that the individual milestones, our small successes, are just the continuous results of the higher level goals …

Like when raising a child, we ask them to clean their room and get ready for dinner, wash their hands, when perhaps we should allow them to explore the broader space of their existence … Ask them to love one another in their family, find happiness and joy in their actions, and use their life energy to make the lives of others around them better as they enjoy their own endeavors.

As for adults, we are left with the same … doing the dishes, washing a car, fixing a broken faucet, changing a diaper … but the broader objective is to the life we have and to cover our world with the light we receive from others, the earth, and the star of our earth.

So to answer your question, my objective is to be kind to others, enjoy my life and participate in the lives of others … and given current statistics of life expectancy and extrapolating in an optimistic way, I am a little over 57% complete and while my efforts may be finished in December of 2060, I would hope that others younger than me will continue to use our Star in the best way, for a better day … a very good question Joshua Harris, a very good one indeed. ❤