a Meal

Not all of us have had this experience…

Our day was long and possibly productive. It did not matter really.

Each of us knew the other would be soon, in our presence and hungry.

Someone would have planned.

Hands would have prepared and pondered as food became a meal.

A pet may have watched and wondered and waited …

and if lucky tasted before all of us.

One by one, each of us would arrive and assemble,

look and ask and sneak a bite if we could.

As we gathered and sat, the hands would provide for us all.

We would patiently wait and be grateful.

Smiles and sounds would ensue and love-

took on this tangible form that all would consume.

And there together,

we would nourish and rest,

and talk and chew,

and gaze and love those around us …

the pet too.

Not all of us have had this experience …

But if you have, cherish the moments,

before they are few or not at all.