Sweet Dreams

If you are like most people, and do not burn the candle at both ends for years on end, you need to sleep about a third of your life time. I realized this fact a number of years ago and decided to relish those hours. I looked forward to the night and laying my body down after a day of physical and mental expense.

I often push the physical to the limit and not in a bad way, but use my muscles carefully and fully. My body sweats and breathes and is alive. The marvelous machine that we are blessed with is fully engaged and rejoices in the movement.

Come night fall, the mind must navigate final chores whether making a meal, tending to children, pets and those things that simply fell from the clock with other priorities dictating closure. With the evening chores complete or postponed, whether you are alone or with a companion, one must finally find enough reserve to get ready for a night of sleep.

There are some nights where I can barely hold myself up to brush my teeth much less floss, but I manage. Its a good ritual to find closure to the day and to reward the mouth for the work it did to keep everying running.

When all is done, I finally find way to lay down and relax. I close my eyes and just surrender to a motionless journey, where my mind will begin to repair the body and manage the enormous amount of information that saturatred neurons throughout the day.

I have started a practice to have honey before bed, to fuel the brain while it works. It’s a sweet little treat and goes right to my head where it is needed. I sleep better when I have the honey.

I am forturnate in that once my eyes are closed, my body surrenders and goes still.  Sleep comes and the first few cycles of the night begin. They tell us our bodies become paralized when we sleep.  I have experienced this, waking up and unable to move.  It is an interesting feeling.

I was thinking the other day how they say it is hard to remember your dreams and you should write them down as soon as you wake up. I have a theory. There is literally no input while you sleep, unless a sound occurs in the night or if fortunate to have a sleeping partner, they move and snugle onto you or well … start something else.  A story for another time …

So with no input .. your brain is processing the day, sorting events and meetings, actions and sounds, sights and movements. It stores the good things and discards the mundane or at least tries too. The synapse and neurons record everything. Its just the way your brain works. Long term memory is rewarded with the important things or those things that took up most of your time and energy.

So no wonder you cannot remember your dreams, because there is nothing to remember. Your brain is just busy sorting the past day and our mind watches the rerun as the processing goes on. There are times; however, when we wake while the show is still in progress and this is when we can latch on, consciously and recite what our dream was. It is never quite clear nor completely accurtate, but that’s okay. It’s all just a rerun of the day before and sometimes in some convoluted way, as neurons solidify the memories along side the histories of your life.

Back to the reason why I look forward to the night. With all that processing going on, I do sometimes have dreams that trickle into my past. I do not know why this occurs. I could relive a moment with family or friends, an adventure in the wild, spend time with my sons or a lover from the past and the familiar feelings are comforting.

Sleep and dreams allows our minds to reflect on days gone by and sometimes, if the need arises, those that wish to connect with us from afar or the beyond find way into our mind to tell us something or to simply say, hello I love you.

May you find joy and happiness in the time you rest.

Sweet dreams.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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