In Lieu of the Stuff to Do

I wake and start it up, a cup of coffee and da muffin.

As the gears click into motion I look for the stuff to do.

It’s not that there is a lack of choices.

There are so many things which call to me.

Some of which have sat for days or weeks.

Other things taking priority. You know the ones I mean.

And then there is the list and that list and even a list of lists.

I resign to stay in my night clothes.

The rain is relentless this day, so I tackle those inside things.

I rest and read and write in between a chore or two and listen to music.

The sun peeks for a moment and I wonder if I would …

The rain comes again and I am glad and stay inside.

Although I do think to play in the warm tropical rain …

And now it appears that only a quarter of daylight remains.

I am writing this little meandering verse.

After making almond flour and water skillet grilled biscuits.

With … and you are not going to believe this … more coffee, Kona coffee to be precise.

The music continues to play a list of my favorite songs I have never heard.

YouTube Music … kind of amazing if you ask me.

The sun is out again and I could try.

Perhaps another day,

In Lieu of the Stuff to Do,

I play.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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