Bird’s Sleep

It’s 2:00 and I’m awake.

I realize that the birds are still sleeping and I know why now.

Bird’s sleep at night because they have no light.

If it was not for the power station located on this island in the middle of the pacific ocean, I would also be sleeping, but this was not the case this morning. The power station was up and running just fine and my electric bill was current.

It’s now just after 5:00 and they still are not awake. The subtropical sunrise nowadays is a bit later here so the little winged creatures will get a bit more shut-eye, dream a little more and be welcomed with a gloriously delicious sun filled day.

beach dawn dusk ocean
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

May the sunrise welcome you as well.



One comment on “Bird’s Sleep”
  1. you are very appropriate with your words… they suits you more than night to moon…


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