Life Finds a Way

I imagine the offshore winds lifted and swept the small seed of this species into the crack of the wall. The seed, not the wiser, just sprouted where it lay, the sun inviting here and the constant of ocean moisture providing it with nourishment as it grew.

I love to see the health of the leaves, both young and old, even in the harsh conditions of its roots. I’m tempted to gently remove it from the location and try to plant it elsewhere, because sooner or later it will be pulled by the painter who maintains the building.

It is a tough call. Do I wait and let the plant encounter fate? Will it have time to bear seed? Or should I act, take it upon myself to find a better place for it?


I do; however, know that life finds a way.


2 comments on “Life Finds a Way”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous … You are so correct. Harmony flows from our acceptance of life in its many forms and many states.I would also venture to ponder that our manipulation of life causes an unbalance and inhibits individual choice which is paramount for our self and our journey. As I reread my post, I discovered the answer in the title … Life finds a Way … Thank you for your comment on this ❤


  2. Anonymous says:

    Leave it. It has a life of it’s own. Not for you to decide. 👏


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