Enjoy the Light of Day

I’m rethinking the modern world. In a broad sense, life has been improved in the areas of food, shelter, comfort and modern science. Medical practioners have been able to tinker with our bodies, allowing us to live longer. This in turn allows us to engage in creative, intellectual, physical and emotional pleasures. We are no longer at the mercy of just trying to survive.

However, not all people are able to enjoy the modern world. There are costs involved. One must have a place to live, rent or if possible own a plot of land and a building on it. Once renting or owning, one needs to maintain the dwelling, either by paying someone or doing it themselves. The box we live in needs to be kept up and functional. It has been made of materials that will not last forever. The materials were fetched from the earth and from trees. The earth will want them back sooner than later.

The cost for these boxes and comforts seems to great. With climate change looming in a drastic way and resource depletion occuring daily, there is a finite time line here. With the use of electricity powered by ancient plant life, our natural rhythms are disrupted which cause other issues, preventing us from getting the rest we need and to follow our natural rhythm which causes a number of health and societal problems. Even with the use of renewable energies, we are still living in the box.

With all of this said, I am tending toward a thought … that what we have created is not necessarily life, but some artificial entity that absorbs our mind, body and ultimately our soul’s purpose.

Nature exists in the purest form of life. It struggles for light and water and nutrients from the earth. At the end of the day, nature pauses and if by chance the light returns, she engages once again in what is natural and rhythmic.

It is this natural and rhythmic part of life that we have lost with the arrival of the modern world. I am not sure where to go with this thought process, but a change needs to be made, otherwise we will become something that is unnatural and not sustainable. Perhaps we already have.

We need to, in some way return to nature. If we did not know or assume that tomorrow would arrive, perhaps we could simply just be, breathe, feel and enjoy the light of day.

Perhaps we could find joy in the simple moments, unencumbered by those things that box us into a way of life that is actually not a way of life at all, but an energy hungry machine that is just the opposite of nature.

I realize these thoughts are in direct conflict with what I am doing now, blogging, using lights and energy, plastics, metals and surrounded by a box that I rent. Could I just step outside for good? Could I survive without the comforts, the shelter, the electricity? I could certainly try, but unless I was resourceful enough to find those things that are required for survival, that are required for a humans to survive that is, the earth would surely take me back sooner than later.

This all leads me to the point that perhaps, we are not of this blue marble in space after all, but somehow transplanted here when our true home was no more. It is all very curious indeed. We get smarter by living the way we do, and then we question, the way we live.  At least I do in this moment.

I think for now in the interim of my ponder …

I’ll just step outside and wander …

And enjoy the light of day.




One comment on “Enjoy the Light of Day”
  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Very well said.


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