Stay Out of the Water

The ripples caused by a stone being thrown into a calm pond will only travel to the water’s edge and disappear.

Coronavirus cases appear to have leveled off in this graph from the New York Times Tracking Map. Keep in mind; however, that this graph shows the total new cases every day which leaves us with around 20 million infections by the end of the year.

Why are new cases leveling off?

Remember, that the virus spreads from host to host, so the finite number of hosts will determine the total new cases in a particular region, city, neighborhood or group home. There is also the speed at which people travel which is a constant, either by foot, car, or plane. The plane of course allowing one to leave their region, which then prompts another stone to be in another pond.

Everyone in the water will eventually feel the ripple pass over them, so it’s beneficial to all of us if you just stay out of the water.

Post Images from New York Times

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