Hurry Not

It is spring in New England.

It has snowed this morning.

I love shoveling snow.

The winter air is cool and moist.

My mind is not taxed with complicated calculations.

The rhythm is simple and direct and progress is made with each breath.

I am alive and there is life everywhere, budding for summer days.

As I watched the snow fall abate, and melt from the walkways, driveways and roadways, I realized something.

One does not start shoveling snow until it stops snowing.

Unless of course you want to lessen the load during a blizzard, knowing clear well, that you will have to be shoveling snow for a longer period of time.

As the pandemic continues, it all becomes very clear. We need to wait till it stops snowing before we go out into the world again, before we remove the restrictions, otherwise the length of effort and loss of life will continue beyond the numbers we are seeing today.

As I review the websites that host the data and statistics and predictions, the trend is clear. In my opinion and if the data is correct, there is only one way to hurry this situation along.

Hurry not-

See Data Source Here

Feature Image – Shoveling Snow in Early Seventies


One comment on “Hurry Not”
  1. cpluzc says:

    Nice comparison


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