Birds and Rain

There are a lot of birds out an about,
doing bird things, day in and day out.

They wake and chirp, fly and swoop,
forage and feed and yes, but don’t look up
because they are surely going to poop.

In the rain; however, there are less to see,
and I was wondering where they all might be?

It did not take long to figure this out,
with the Internet and Google all ready to spout.

Most birds do not fly, because of risks I’m told;
the space under their feathers normally holds air,
but in the rain, fills with water and they get dangerously cold.

And those that do have oil to protect them,
do eventually get soaked and it is difficult to fly,
except for eagles who soar above clouds to get by.

So when it rains and it will, now and again,
watch for the birds all huddled in a nest-

or under a bush or perhaps you’ve made them
a place to rest, right beside you, in your house,
and that would be best.

Featured photo credit from Ornithology The Science of Birds

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