Near You

i never said i was crazy,
but i’m telling you now-

i’m crazy for your love…

i just want to be near you,
and hold you close-

where have you gone…

what am i suppose to do-

i just don’t know if i can go on,
without you-

near me-

near you-

you were my greatest joy in life,
so please come back and make my life again…

you were the one i knew,
my one, my only,
my life was you…

oh no- your gone…

These words are actually from a song I had written a long time ago, when I played the piano. It was a time when my heart was open and the joy of loving someone, warm, inviting and full.

When loss comes to the front of the line and stares into your eyes, the pain is pent and sometimes flows, but not always. If we were to let it consume us, hope of coming back, and surviving would be no more.

So, as they cliché proclaims, time heals all.  This is true and only because the workings of our minds age and fade, and if we are smart, we focus on those things that are still here and hope for new and brighter days, and that perhaps our heart will open to love again.