We think …

I know the Sun rose this morning.

Not …

I think the Sun rose this morning.

As the news of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine starts to blanket the airways, I came across the news about getting a wallet size vaccine record card. Perhaps this card is like a license to mingle again and to breath each other’s exhalation without fear of getting infected. Perhaps you will be required to show it before entering a restaurant or other public place, allowing you in, otherwise you will be turned away.

A Google search returned this CNN video and some telling words from a medical professional. Click on his words to listen to the full video.

“Yes, we think the vaccines are going to be safe.”

A vaccine is not the final answer to this pandemic. Unless we completely eradicate it from the streets, we will live with it for the duration of our lives, along with Influenza, HIV, Malaria, Ebola, Dengue, to name a few. There are of course those tried and true vaccines that have helped save many, many lives. This is a great link to the success of the medical technology we have in our hands today.

Vaccination protects against these 14 diseases.

Keep in mind, these vaccines took many years if not decades to be available and effective.

So when a Doctor says “We think …” I continue to return to my words

Short-term desires undermine long-term necessities.

Featured Image – Sunrise or Sunset … I think

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