Discouraged 😔

Short-term desires undermine long-term necessities.

No states have met the requirements to reopen- not one, nada, zippo, zilch, zero, nope. The ones reopening continue to meet the requirements to remain closed, and so the story goes, case and points-

From yesterday’s numbers, notice the lower new case counts, especially in China. The lower numbers are for countries with more diligent social distancing and lockdown measures. The United States desire for freedom even at the cost of lives lost is crystal clear.

Data source for above table is here.

Even with all of the conspiracy theories, fake news, real news, whatever the source of the pandemic, it doesn’t really matter.

The fire will only die out, when the fuel is spent and unfortunately all the reopening activities are just adding kindling to the situation at hand.

The fire will continue to burn until it has run its course and “survival of the fittest” prevails as the solution.

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One comment on “Survival”
  1. Vareen O’Keefe Domaleski says:

    The front page and many pages after has listed the names of nearly 100,000 souls that have perished from the Covid 19 infection and it’s complications.
    It is a chilling visual of what has occurred. Think of the families and loved ones for whom the grief is inestimable.
    Wear a mask. Wash your hands frequently.
    If you think you’ve washed enough, wash a few more times. Don’t touch your face. Practice social distancing.


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