Our Flow

I am both active and reflective in this difficult time.

The flow of our rivers has slowed in the first months of the new year; the winter of the north; the summer of the south. Regardless of the angle of the sun, it does continue to shine.

Most all of us, barring those who live in harmony with the land, are aware of the virus and the potential harm and death that will transpire suddenly and without plan.

Even with all of the unnatural technologies we boast to be great and beneficial for all, they are limited in their usefulness, against these renegade ribonucleic acids which exist from the demise of prior life, having succumb to stresses beyond their capability to survive.

As I watch the stories unfold and witness the actions and reactions of others trying to help, trying to survive, trying to keep the rivers flowing, I am reminded of the weakest links in the machines we have made and in the bodies of life around us and within us.

Without the wholeness of being, without access to light and earth, water and air, we too become victim and demise, all the while, light does continue to shine.

I believe our ways must return to those who live in harmony with the land, fully and without compromise, to have hope and to do all that we can to be whole and true to the light of life.

May all of us find way to live fully beyond these times and to take note, understand and remember the fragility of life.

May we live to appreciate the life of all things and may the flow of our rivers return in days to come.

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One comment on “Our Flow”
  1. cpluzc says:

    Our care extends our future


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