Good News

After a full day of doings I am fortunate to be able to shut down and sleep with very little effort. I’ll put my mobile in airplane mode and then drop myself onto a charging platform. My consiousness disolves into tomorrow.

I’ll wake a couple times like a computer may wake for network access, but in my case, it is more for waterwork access. I then return to my slumber, my dreams.

Soon enough, my body is fully charged, and my mind spins up and starts to look for signs of the new day. It is often still dark and the birds are still sleeping. My mind wants to find the good, the loving and the right in the new day and in the world. I hope for that, and, I want for coffee.

I’ll open my mobile and turn its network on. After a few seconds, a few stories appear, a tweet, a message, an email. Life has been afoot and constant. The sun is always shinning, somewhere.

The morning news is rarely good. There are global problems taking place and solutions are lacking. I wish the good would just flow and fill us with joy and happiness, but it would seem that the bad news is always at the head of the line. I try and refrain from getting pulled into the stories of death and famine or some political quagmire of unconscious minds that are, in theory, actually awake.

There are some questionable people in the world, compromised in some way, perhaps unhealthy and unable to process situations appropriately and make good decisions for themselves and for others. Perhaps they just need a good night’s sleep. I’d like to think there was an easy solution.

So where is the good news? Why is it, that the lot of us have to endure the the negative views and drool of so many and not see a resolution to anything? The sun rises as it should, but darkness lingers throughout the day.

Well, there is good news after all and after looking at my list of reliable news sources, I specifically searched for the good news and landed smack dab onto the Good News Network and listened to this young man describe is quest for cool.

His story is a tender one, and I am grateful for his life and his pursuit.

So where is the good news I ask myself again. It is there and it is plenty, and perhaps if our morning mobiles tweeted the good news first, our lives would be fully charged and able to address the darker sides of life and create the solutions that we all need.

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