Begin …

There is hunger in the unknown,
in which always, is found-
to be forward of  you.

As we all have been,
our life and pleasures,
our home and kin,
our food and drink,
our time to rest-
the all of it,
behind you then.

You can not return,
bar stories held in pictures bound,
or writings, or within your mind-
existing only in the fleeting of touch,
the reflection of light,
the memory of sound.

However still-

In this moment,
as I write these words,
and you read them in-
miracles of life allow holds to keep,
my thoughts, your thoughts,
a feeling beyond our sleep-
there is life and joy,
and need …

The dogs will bark,
and pull you way,
unless … hold on-

You cannot-

There is hunger for in,
until you know when,
but not until then-

No one knows-

Not really-

Yet again-

Let’s go,
let’s stay,

Begin …




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