Our Stories

I find myself foraging through the vast of words, beyond which is even imaginable, tangible or even possible to consume with my one life, my one mind, in this modern world. Furthermore, given the limitation of my one language, English hinders my hunt to the boundaries of its reach.

I discovered this song and artist recently and the stories he sings of, bring pause and even hint at a welcoming closure of things, encountered, that were planned and not planned, and in some way, right and okay.

Each one of us have a story to tell, and without pause, living another, yet to be written, the ending unknown, even if we have a plan or goal, who knows what will become.

The Gift

In the busy of my day, I found pause and a small cafe.

I wanted for coffee, go figure, but that is me.

I waited, in the bustle, of others seeking the same.

I found myself to be next in queue, greeted with a smile and query.

I waited once again, and soon the warmth arrived, a gift, a smile.

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