love her this morning hour

i love the darkness as it begins to see,
and slowly finds its way caressing me.

i love the scent of the night cooled air
stirring among the trees,
beginning to join the arriving breeze.

i love to rise and step from beds of bows
and stretch and feel the earth beneath my toes.

i love the moisture still sleeping on the
petaled jewels as she ever so gently
slips from leaf to blues.

i love to step and walk and wander
in the slotted light,
and think and hope and dream
of a day so right.

i love to hear the song of feathered friends
become excited from the hints of lights and begins.

i love the sun as it rises from away,
and comes again to light our day.

i love the feel of life around,
and the promise to will,
our health, to play and bound.

i love the taste of the morning hour as
it flows from my warmly scented grail,
and reminded there is much to love however frail-

there is so much to love
this morning day,
this morning hour.

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