Waiting to be Seen

When we are young, our mind does not have the words to think in the way we do now.

There is the light and the sound … the air and the scents … the sensual touch … and the emotional feeling of the elusiveness of our life.

There is the unseen connection to the world we live in, and if we can embrace the simple and complex beauty of the all of it, we may find our true self, amidst the fullness of those things that are right in front of us.

Waiting to be seen.

I saw this artist for the first time this morning in a YouTube music feed. Twas random perhaps, I do not know, but I found pause in the geniune appreciation she has for life and the magic all around her. She inspired me to find the words of Waiting to be Seen.

I feel when we embrace the magic around us, we truly discover the gift of life.


One comment on “Waiting to be Seen”
  1. Music is indeed wild. This magical girl has a wild grace all her own. I’m happy you brought her to us. – tsk


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