Tropical Night

The sun has moved on and taken its light with it.

This is not a sad thing, but something that occurs every day of my life.

It was a very warm day, a tropical day. The air was still and the sun poured down on the ocean, more significant than onto the small specks of earth that protrude from the ocean floor, the small specks that hold me, above water.

There are other people living here, in the middle of “no where”, a place where the sun just roams across the sky, warming the waters and the small islands in its path. Some of us are here by choice, having made a deliberate journey, with the aid of some modern technology, a plane or a ship.

There are children here, who have seen no other place on earth. This is their home, and not “no where” at all, but some where, a place where it ought be for them and their family.

There are elders here as well, some who were born and will die here, never having left theses specks of earth, but chose, to live their lives in their entirety, here in the tropics.

I find myself moved by the tropical night, the still air and the occasional warm breeze.  Clothes are inconsequential and I only wear them because that has been my way, my place of origin, cool, colder, requiring insulation from the elements.

I will find sleep as we all do. I will pause my movement and lay down. There will be no need for a blanket or light covering even. The air is the perfect temperature for the body to stay warm and cool at the same time. As the night lengthens, the islands will cool and perhaps a covering would be required, but not often.

I am grateful for this climate, one that can be a home to me in my natural state.

And yet, I am curious how others around the world, can cope in a climate that is inhospitable to our norms. I for one lived in such a place, confined to a box in the cold of winter, venturing out only in the sun of day or bundled in the dark of night … A heating source critical for survival, blankets required to find sleep and be comfortable. The comfort of a warm body beside me, sharing heat with each other as couples will do.

Yes, the sun has moved on and taken its light with it. Odds are good, that it will return, but there is no guarantee, there is only our conscious state, that says it will.

The sun has moved on-

Good Night.


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