Someone to Stay

Sometimes a visual moves me … or a few notes … or a video clip.

As I watched it, I am reminded of the simple, the air we all breathe, the space we share, whether we know one another or not.

This encounter is a reminder of something we all desire, at one time or another in our lives.

Perhaps we always need this, but just don’t say it-

We try to make it on our own, away from a home we once had, or perhaps- we never had one at all. We become who we become and in our moments, our travels, our pauses in our life, we long for that someone .. for that Someone to Stay … more than the day.

Again, I would surmise, we all would want this, but in lack or fear, we can only hope and be strong … and dance as if there were to be,

A chance for Someone to Stay.

Images from video clip … link is here.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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